Design center 디자인 센터-제품의 계획에서부터 디자인과 엔지니어링에 걸쳐 관리하며 연구합니다.

  • Research & Planning Analyzing out both trend and requirement of market place
    of the new development plan, providing as a high quality product
    an appropriate moment to the market place.
    Research & Planning
  • Development & Design Development & Design: Based on ergonomic study Dawon strives
    in order to design a beautiful and comfortable chair that
    customer should feel by planning total process such as development
    a new material and a new mold.
    Development & Design
  • Modeling & Engineering Quality of products is assured through evaluating of structure
    and mechanism research so that designed products to be in real
    Modeling & Engineering
  • BIFMA TEST LAB Base test machine, Backrest&Armrest strength test machine,
    Drop test machine, Caster/Chair base durability test machine,
    Armrest durability test machine, Backrest durability test machine,
    Caster driving load test machine, Caster driving impact test
    Modeling & Engineering

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